We Need Your Support

Your support will enable more sick children to enjoy a special holiday on a 5 star resort with their family. Also we provide recreational equipment for selected hospitals for children and young adults, with your support we aim to enrich the lives of sick children with Hope, Strength, Happiness and help with the upkeep of recreational equipment at selected hospitals.  If you want to fundraise for Tenderheart please send an email to:   please provide a contact phone number so we can get back to you.  Please note we do not do door to door collections.


To make a one-off donation or a monthly donation please visit our Just Giving Page by clicking on the heart above or here.


To donate via Bacs, please email and we will provide you with our banking details.


To donate via Cheque, please provide your details so we can send you a thank you letter or email. Please make cheques payable to Tenderheart and post to: Tenderheart, 4 St Johns Cottages, Netherfield Hill Battle, Sussex, TN33 0LH