Tenderheart was started by Colleen Wilkins who was taken ill at the age of seven with a brain tumour. After many months spent in and out of hospital Colleen started to hold events to raise money to buy a holiday home so that sick children can enjoy a holiday in between treatments.

Colleen became very ill after her third operation and sadly did not see her dream come true but come true it did with the eventual purchase of a Sussex based holiday home.

The Tenderheart charity was started in 1991. It is a completely voluntary organisation run by a small management committee. We are proud that every penny raised is used to provide holidays for sick children and their families.

Tenderheart Holiday Home

The Tenderheart holiday home was purchased in 2001 replacing the original home of 1994 with the help of BBC Children in Need: It is situated at Crowhurst Park Holiday Centre near Battle, East Sussex offering a tranquil setting. The time has now come to replace the Holiday Home and to use a Lodge at Crowhurst Park moving the charity forward, the start of the next chapter in the story of Tenderheart.

Colleen Wilkins, Founder of Tenderheart

How Your Donations Change Lives

Your donations go towards supporting holidays for Sick Children and their families in between hospital treatments, we also raise funds to purchase recreational equipment for children and young adults at selected hospitals.

Quality of Life

  • Holiday between hospital treatments can help a child enjoy some special quality time and rest from treatments.
  • Improving the quality of life for children and young adults at selected hospitals with the provision of recreational equipment

Family Benefits

  • Many of the people who go on a holiday feel it brings a greater sense of closeness and special time and memories
  • Recreational equipment in hospital offers reassurance to the family that their child is occupied and therefore happier.

Health Benefits

  • Holidays can give a greater sense of energy & vitality and can bring the family together.
  • Recreational equipment for the hospitalised child can make their stay more fun and reduce boredom and help reduce anxiety about being in hospital and treatments.

Emotional Benefit

  • Many of the families have reported that their holiday was beneficial to the whole family and gave a greater sense of well-being and happy memories.
  • Recreational equipment in hospitals can keep a child occupied and reduce anxiety.

Former Tenderheart Holiday Home