We raise funds to provide holidays for sick children and their families in between hospital treatments, to enrich their lives with hope, strength and happiness.  Allowing families with sick children to share a special time together.  We also provide recreational equipment for children and young adults at selected hospitals.   Please see update below re: COVID-19

COVID-19 and Tenderheart Charity

  • Update from Tenderheart Vice Chair: Samuel Wilkins 

We’re all concerned about coronavirus. At Tenderheart it is something we take very seriously, which is putting the charity in a difficult situation.

Children who are ill or have been through treatment are in a high-risk group that needs to take extra care to fight any infections. As a result of the recent Corona Virus pandemic, Tenderheart Charity is having to make decisions for those that families make every day. 

As a result, we have suspended all Holidays to the Tenderheart Holiday home-based at Crowhurst Park. We feel very sad to have to stop the holidays as all the staff at Tenderheart realise the importance of the family holiday who have just had hospital treatment or are in between hospital treatment.

We receive no government funding. Our fundraising programme engages many people in lots of different ways. This too is at risk because of COVID-19 with events being cancelled or postponed (quite rightly) to mitigate for the virus risks to everyone.

The holidays we provide are priceless, impactful, meaningful experiences that influence children and their families for years but how we deliver those experiences is not priceless.

There is no escaping the reality that cancellation fees, sunk costs and the costs of rebooking the holidays will have on us. Couple this with the potential loss of income from fundraising events we now face.

We will continue to support our work providing recreational equipment for children and young adults at selected hospitals and will resume our work on providing holidays once we have government advice that it is safe to do so.

 Thank you for your understanding.  

Please do continue to support Tenderheart as we will continue our work supporting selected hospitals with recreational equipment, please see our fundraising section of this website and if you can continue to support us we do need your help.

All the volunteers at Tenderheart would like to thank all the Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons and the Clerical staff, Managers and support workers, who work year after year supporting people through illness, Tenderheart look forward to working with you to provide our holidays again when the UK Government advises it is safe for us to do so.  





Colleen Wilkins,
Founder of Tenderheart